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Welcome to the official site of the Charlotte Rugby Club! 

Practice Tonight (2/26/15)

Practice will be held at the Rugby Athletic Center (RAC) from 7-9pm for the Men's and Women's team.

It is cold and wet on the pitch so please dress accordingly! Also, please bring a change of clothes for after practice.

Olde Boys Weekend 2/28/2015

This weekend we celebrate the Charlotte Rugby Club Olde Boys where CRFC Men's and Women take on Charleston Outlaws Rugby and Triad Rugby, while Charlotte Catholic Rugby take on Gonzaga Rugby
New Wrap Order will be providing tasty wraps for lunch and hot & cold beverages will be available.
$5/person at the gate gets you all the action.
FREE admission to all CRFC Olde Boys which includes a VIP section and beverages. 

11am - CRFC Women vs Charleston
12:30pm - CRFC 1st XV vs Charleston 
2pm - Catholic HS vs Gonzaga (Varsity) 
3:30pm - Catholic HS vs Gonzaga (JV)
4:30pm - CRFC 2nd XV vs Triad

CRFC 1st XV vs ALT Renegades 2.21.15
This past weekend (2/21/2015) Charlotte 1st XV traveled down to Atlanta to face the Renegades for a matrix match. The last time these two faced off it was a one sided affair with Charlotte out in front. This match would be much different.  The Renegades put up some tough defense and quick striking offense to jump out to a 10-8 lead in the first half. After refocusing at halftime CRFC was able to put together solid phase play and take the lead 18-15 with 10 minutes to go. With the Renegades breathing down our necks, they were able to corral the ball off a high kick and score to go up 20-18. With just minutes left in the game CRFC won the ball through via tough defensive rucking and we're able to score under the posts. CRFC hung on for the last minutes of the game and pull off a hard fought victory. Final score 25 - 20 Charlotte
1st XV:
1. Jason Hinchman (C)
2. Riley Watson
3. Travis Hunte
4. Nii Yartey
5. Jimmy Dever
6. Sean Ritter
7. Ethan Suznevich 
8. David McGowan
9. Donovan Craig
10. Mike Miller
11. Nelson Hicks
12. Zach Moyer
13. Josh Shiosaky
14. Cardell Terry
15. James Mezzanotte
16. Julian Lingham
17. Austin Moore
18. Charles Cutajar
19. Bill Benjamin
Nii Yartley (1), Josh S. (1), Nelson Hicks (1), Jason Hinchman (1)
James Mezzanotte: 1/5 
James Mezzanotte 1/2
Next up is Charleston Outlaws Rugby? and Triad Rugby? (2/28/15), this weekend is poised to be a big one at the Skillbeck Athletic ground, with games through the day. Look forward to seeing new and old faces supporting local rugby in Charlotte.


*** NEW Online Store ***

Dear fans, friends & family, we are happy to have World Rugby Shop host our new Online Store. BLK is our brand of choice and we have a number of items for both men and women. Please note that we are still adding items to the list, so check back soon to see whats available. 

CRFC Women vs Raleigh 2.15.15

This past Sunday Feb 15, CRFC Women sent a solid 20 players to Raleigh for a non-league match to further the development of the young Charlotte team. The challenge was daunting not only with a more established opponent in Raleigh Venom, but with multiple athletes unavailable due to injury, travel and work obligations, and with Mother Nature gifting us with a windy day which would not rise above the freezing mark.

The first quarter of the match saw Raleigh playing an imposing brand of rugby, pushing over multiple scrums, breaking the line at will and dotting down multiple tries due to overloads and crisp handling.
After an injury stoppage for the Charlotte hooker, the CRFC Women regrouped and realigned their attitudes. The next 10 minutes saw Charlotte place immense pressure on the Raleigh women, playing all of the rugby inside the Raleigh 22 with multiple shots at the try line. Unfortunately Charlotte would not come away with any points for their efforts, but they would continue to lean on each other and were hitting on all cylinders still attacking the Raleigh line and driving over scrums by the half time mark. Still Charlotte was not on the scoreboard at this point.

The second half had a much different atmosphere. Charlotte, after acknowledging the higher intensity and speed at which their were being asked to compete, reset their sights for the second half. From 40th minute onwards, Charlotte returned to their brand of attacking rugby with runners striking at pace, clean passing to supporting players with quick play from the scrumhalf seeing Raleigh playing just as much defense as Charlotte did in the first half. With some strategic substitutions coming early in the second half for CRFC, the game saw an increase in both tempo and intensity. As Raleigh fatigued, multiple line breaks were made by both veterans and newcomers alike. The sustained pressure resulted in 2 seperate yellow cards for continuous high tackles by Raleigh and Charlotte dotting down 3 tries, 2 for Crystal Sain, and 1 for Mary "Christmas" White. Charlotte attacked with vigor and excitement until the very final whistle but the scoreboard would not end in their favor. 

Ultimately Raleigh's experienced players and many seasons at a higher level of competition would see them emerge victorious 38-17. This was an amazing opportunity for the growth and development of the young Charlotte team who have their sights set high for their future. The CRFC Women were led by the captain for the day Nicole 'Carni' Benjamin and saw many veteran players step up to lead those new to the club. Many thanks to Raleigh Venom for hosting on a cold Sunday and for the social afterwards.

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